Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Last friday I went along to the launch of Karlie Shelley and Princess Julia's new pop up boutique, The Amwell Street Knocking Shop, 63 Amwell Street EC1 1UR. This two story cute little boutique will be open for next six weeks on a friday, saturday and sunday and is rammed to the ceiling with the most amazing bargains. Shelfs, windows and rails are stacked with designers such as Piers Atkinson, Hermione De Paula, Westwood, Pam Hogg, Givenchy, Dior, JCDC, Judy Blame, the list goes on!!

Monday, 23 May 2011


Six of London's most exciting designers, Craig Lawrence, Fred Butler, Lyall Hakaraia, Dr Noki, Piers Atkinson and new member - Patternity, all came together for this seasons House of Organza - MUSE. I just shot these pieces for our online look book with Solve Sundsbo's x assistant Karina Twiss. These pieces are all available upon request at Ella Dror PR.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Piers Atkinson was commissioned by Ashley Isham for the first time to produce a series of headpieces for Ashley Isham's AW11 London catwalk collection. Here are some documented images of some of the pieces, modelled by Ivy Sun along with a short interview below.

How did this relationship with Ashley Isham begin?

We were introduced by power house stylist Celestine Cooney with whom I have worked with before making headpieces for Ashish's runway shows, which Celestine also styles.

What was your brief?

Celestine is very familiar with my work and knew I could produce something that could be relevant to Ashley's sensual red carpet design. When she saw the pieces I made especially for Patti Wilson's shoot with Solve Sundsbo, for the february fashion week issue of Italian Vogue, she knew we were onto something. We added chopsticks and tasles and I ended up making about 30 pieces, fusing chopsticks, tassles, dot veiling and silk flowers from a simple comelia over the ear to a vast ruched tulle explosion peppered with flowers for Ashley Isham's bridal finale runway piece.

What is it like for you working in this way?

What is so amazing about commissions is the super short time span where you almost don't have time to think and before you know it these ideas spring into life as they sashay down the runway in front of your very eyes. Of course the best part is whizzing backstage to sip a glass of champagne with Ashley and Celestine.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Last week I shot our HOUSE OF ORGANZA pieces with Solve's old assistant Karina Twiss for our look book. Our whole garden was scattered in blue body parts, courtesy of Alun Davies, here a few................

Saturday, 7 May 2011

NEW AT 123

Last year I did a feature on the launch of East London's new concept store 123 for Dazed Digital. Yesterday I decided to revisit the store and see how the place is doing six months on....... The store has just taken on Fanny and Jessy, selling most of their S/S11 collection, on the 1st floor. Sharing this floor were a couple of pairs of really cool Alice Palmer spike leggings, lots and lots of amazing new Dr Noki pieces and some great Maria Francesca Pepe jewellery on the ground floor.

Fanny and Jessy jacket £400

Fanny and Jessy lineup

The heaviest trousers in the world! Fanny and Jessy leather trousers £570

Alice Palmer spike leggings £107

Maria Francesca Pepe jewellery. Rings £75 - £100


2011 has been a mental year for Dr Noki and were not even half way through............ He launched his debut menswear collection in Jan, as part of Fashion East, collaborated with Chloe for the A/W11 catwalk collection, in Paris, became part of the elite client list at London's coolest new PR Ella Dror and amongst this is producing exclusive pieces for 123...........

If JJ (Dr Noki) had his own hospital this would be it!

New tees at £45!

This archive piece was a commission from Judy Blame for an i-D shoot, I remember sitting with JJ and Judy in his old studio while he made this...... so good.

These boots are a real piece of Dr Noki history - we used these in his Fashion East show!

Love these new Noki jackets with teddy bear fleece trim.

Welcome to Noki Land!


123 has just opened an amazing little cafe in it's basement called ' The Bunker'. This is definitely now on my radar for meetings............

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


J.W.Anderson is doing great things as creative director at Sunspel and teaming up with photographer Alasdair McLellan to shoot this amazing short film is just one of them! This 6 minute film takes Sunspel to the legendary East London boxing club, Repton, to see my mate Ryan Pickard and the boys sweat it out! Boxing is such a massive part of Ryan's life but one I have never really seen, as his mate, so its very special for me to see Ryan like this. Your quite good Ryan : )

You can also see this film with great images at FANTASTIC MAN and DAZED DIGITAL

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Monday, 2 May 2011


It was amazing to be woken up on saturday morning by drums, dancing and this .................... a sikh wedding on our street! There was so much colour and glamour it made up for parts that were missing on a certain wedding the day before...... Everyone huddled together dancing between the groom, chilling on a white horse dripping with gold and proudly showing off red glitter toe nails, and the stunning stretched hummer limo........ I loved it!


I was lucky enough to get invited to Andrew Logan's house to celebrate the royal wedding and what an amazing night! Andrew's home, shared with architect partner Michael, is a brightly coloured, reflective, glitter feast for the eyes......... Andrew built a royal couple throne, especially for the event and had the Queen herself drop by for a quick speech!