Sunday, 3 August 2014


This weeks Sketchbook Sunday goes to Instagram sensation / collage artist Douglas Abraham, or better known as @bessnyc4

Based in New York City, Douglas Abraham began BESS as a fine jewellery line in 2000. The growing boutique quickly evolved and established itself as an apparel brand along with jewellery and accessories. As social media now plays such a role in the development of ones brand, Doug began to use Instagram and soon found himself lazy with posting. He then approached @bessnyc4 as more of an art project.

As perfectly quoted in the unveiling interview with Dazed Digital, 'Abraham cuts up and reworks iconic fashion campaigns and images, chopping and screwing them with found images that casts a different light on the subject and re-examines contemporary notions of beauty, sexuality and good taste. Horror films, porn, bondage, transmogrification, cyborg technology have all been fodder for his twisted dystopian worldview' 

If you would like to read more from this in depth interview, click here.

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