Tuesday, 19 October 2010


All images by Morgan O'Donovan

Last thursday Lyall Hakaraia and myself opened the Royal Dalston Hotel, Vogue Fabrics, doors for round 2 of HOUSE OF ORGANZA (HOO) - this time titled 'ADORN'. HOO is on it's 2nd season and with a strong team such as Piers Atkinson, Fred Butler, Judy Blame, Lyall Hakaraia, Craig Lawrence, PINS London and DR NOKI all on board 'ADORN' was a great way to launch Frieze. I started the group HOO last season with Lyall Hakaraia with the theme ORGANZA, this season we choose the humble pin from tales of Queen Elizabeth the first. It was common for ladies of the elizabethan court to wear no less than 1000 pins and gold was only permitted to be worn by Queen Elizabeth and her family.......

Lyall and I turned Vogue Fabrics into a black box where we displayed all these bespoke pieces, projected a short film directed the amazing Jez Tozer, starring Jourdan Dunn and all squeezed in to sit on the floor for golden tales by Jonny Woo. Our event has just gone up on Dazed Digital with a short behind the scenes film by Zaiba Jabbar. Thanks to Morgan O'Donovan for these pics and everyone for getting involved! These pieces are now available to shoot so please contact me.

PINS London


Piers Atkinson

Fred Butler

Judy Blame

Lyall Hakaraia

Poor Craig Lawrence got left out of Morgan's images so here is my version ...............

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