Sunday, 30 January 2011


This season Dr Noki launched his very first menswear collection titled NOKI-NOIR-POUR DANDY. The collection has a very different feel to his womenswear, the bold graphic prints, manipulated branding and cartoon characters have been replaced with a mature focused colour palette of grey, navy and black, with a punch of colour and famous pen work only on braces. This collection is all about silhouette. High waisted trousers and knee length shorts paired with bike courier bondage leggings, sharp shirts buttoned to the top with huge hip-hop sleeves covering the elbow and New Era caps redesigned with a collaboration between Dr Noki and Piers Atkinson.

I shot the above image for JJ (Dr Noki) with photographer Morgan White before we went to Paris where Dr Noki debuted his collection alongside other exciting London menswear designers such as James Long, Katie Eary and J W Anderson as part of the BFC and Tim Blanks - London Show Rooms.

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