Saturday, 7 May 2011


2011 has been a mental year for Dr Noki and were not even half way through............ He launched his debut menswear collection in Jan, as part of Fashion East, collaborated with Chloe for the A/W11 catwalk collection, in Paris, became part of the elite client list at London's coolest new PR Ella Dror and amongst this is producing exclusive pieces for 123...........

If JJ (Dr Noki) had his own hospital this would be it!

New tees at £45!

This archive piece was a commission from Judy Blame for an i-D shoot, I remember sitting with JJ and Judy in his old studio while he made this...... so good.

These boots are a real piece of Dr Noki history - we used these in his Fashion East show!

Love these new Noki jackets with teddy bear fleece trim.

Welcome to Noki Land!

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