Thursday, 15 December 2011

This week we celebrated our success of winning ASVOFF4 with a film screening, in London, of our 'I WANT MUSCLE' film. When Diane Pernet commissioned Elisha Smith-Leverock and myself to shoot a short film based on the theme of power we jumped at the chance to shoot a female body builder. Elisha and I wanted to draw on the beauty of these amazing women looking back at the 70's legends, such as Lisa Lyons. We found the perfect muse, Kizzy Vaines, and made our film. What an honour to then win the award! We wanted to hold an evening in London to celebrate and provide an opportunity for people to meet Kizzy and ask questions. Thanks to Creature for making this all possible and Nike for a wonderful space.

Kizzy Vaines and Elisha Smith-Leverock

Fred Butler and Elisha held the open discussion with Kizzy

Kizzy and her body builder boyfriend

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