Monday, 12 July 2010


red love heart by CSM Alex Mullins

I have just shot the amazing new face Kel at Select for the 100th anniversary issue of VISION, with photographer Victor de Mello, and I think I have fallen in love................ The story will be out in Sept but here are some pics taken at the casting and a few words from Kel below.

Name - Kel Markey
Age- 19
How long you been modelling?- 4 months
Where r u from?- Gainesville, Florida
Dream Shows- Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu
Favorite Part of modelling so far - Obviously traveling is pretty much the best thing about this job. It's also amazing to get to meet new people everyday because I feel like that's pretty much the best way of broadening your mind- meeting other people with other thoughts and backgrounds.
Where has modelling taken you?- I just arrived in London a few days ago and I've felt more at home here than in any of the other European cities I've visited this summer. The energy here is only rivaled by NYC's :) Paris was absolutely gorgeous though! I'd just be walking to a casting or something and look up and be like HOLY SHIT that is the most beautiful church I've ever seen!

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  1. Beautiful girl - beautiful pictures. Thank You for sharing!
    Greetings from Ireland
    xoxo - take a look if you get a chance, we'd really love your feedback - follow if you like what you see