Thursday, 22 July 2010


All photo's by Morgan White

It has been DR NOKI 24/7 for me lately and I have loved every second!!! This weekend DR NOKI got to show a brand new catwalk collection on the main stage at LOVEBOX on the sunday evening before Grace Jones!!!!! You don't get better than that!!! A Fashion show like this has never been done at a festival before and with 25,000 tickets sold on Sunday alone the whole experience was incredible.

It was a busy week for me and my team leading up to LOVEBOX. Days were spent at JJ's new hangout, LMB, where he obtains all his sustainable rag, building looks, working on the concept and lineup to eventually focusing on castings and fittings, etc......New Era kindly supported DR NOKI by supplying old caps which went under Milliner Piers Atkinson's knife in a collaboration between him and DR NOKI. These caps tranformed into creatures of their own with sliced and twisted peaks, multi layers and slashed panels which quickly became a framework for hair by the talented Kenna. The colour palette was bright and upbeat in the heat of summer and the girls skin kept clean and beautiful with crisp highlights thanks to Kirstin Piggott.

DR NOKI's printer Taz provided the perfect catwalk sound and after seasons of following DR NOKI, Mark Knight created a short film which was shown on huge screens either end of the main stage to launch the show.

With an open arena backstage the day was filled with the most colourful and glamorous characters and when the shown was done it was all about Grace Jones who was just beyond live. A Perfect day. Thank you to LOVEBOX, James Baillie, my team and everyone who helped backstage.

Please visit DAZED DIGITAL to see an interview with DR NOKI and more images by Morgan White.

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