Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Louise Gray ss 2012- Report by Emily Beard

As everyone knows, Louise Gray is a fan of of colour. But it might come as a surprise that she's a fan of everyone's favourite poor little rich girl, Cher Horowitz of Clueless (as revealed in the opening monologue). This did make a little more sense when compared with the invite to her ss 2012 show: fake money (in primary colours of course) emblazoned with the phrase 'trust me, my money's a fun magnet'.
The theme of money continued throughout the show, with bags for guests shouting 'Eat my outfit!' and a soundtrack which included Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani.
The clothes themselves stayed true to Gray's signature haphazard kaleidoscope style, with a further signature of Gray's (layering) being exercised to full effect. There was significant detail to each piece, such as embroidery and prints, but yet somehow still oozed that effortless glamour of the woman herself.

images and text by Emily Beard

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