Sunday, 2 October 2011


So I survived Fashion month, now minus a voice, and am back with lots of images, interviews etc........ Firstly thanks to Emily for covering me while i've been working the shows. This post goes out to the lovely Fred Butler. I share a studio with Fred and work really closely with her as a consultant and stylist. I have been dying to release images of her collection, in particular these pics I took whilst we were filming her SS12 film.......... Please visit Style Bubble to see the film.

Thanks to Susie Bubble for hosting, Patrick Wolf for making such special music for the film and presentation and finally the team that made this film actually happen - Zaiba Jabbar, Crane TV, Bianca at CLM, Yin Lee at Premier, Marian Newman at Streeters, Rosy Nicholas for making amazing shoes, Josephine at Storm and Studio Private.

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