Sunday, 16 October 2011


My 'I WANT MUSCLE' film, by Elisha Smith - Leverock, is causing an exciting stir after just winning Diane Pernet's ASVOFF 4 festival grand prize : ) Elisha is an extremly talented director with never ending exciting ideas. We both share a love for female body builders so when we had this opportunity to shoot for ASVOFF we jumped at the chance to create a short film that explores and challenges female beauty, focusing on female body builder Kizzy Vaines. This film was by far one of the most interesting projects I have ever worked on. Styling a female body builder..............what a fun challenge!

Kizzy Vaines is actually our only female British body builder competing for the Olympic title in Las Vagas. I imagined Kizzy to be much larger in the flesh, but in fact she is quite short and petite. Her waist is only 3 inches larger then a model and she can fit in small clothing, some model samples! What was fascinating to me was she may be small but she is certainly compact, ripped and toned beyond belief with not a mm of fast on her body. She became infectious to look at, warm, bubbly, strong, flexible and above all SEXY!! Here are some stills / fashion breakdown..........See the actual film on yesterdays post. Please enjoy!

Body by American Apparel, shoes by David Koma

Bracelets (right hand) MAWI, (left hand) Simon Harrison, rings Husam El Odeh, Maria Francesca Pepe and MAWI.

Necklaces (tear drop and bottom chain) by Simon Harrison, middle spike necklace by MAWI.

Necklace by Simon Harrison, dress by Aqua, harness by Lyall Hakaraia, shoes by David Koma.

Bikini by American Apparel, harness Lyall Hakaraia.
Starring: Kizzy Vaines
Styled: Kim Howells
Makeup: Yin Lee
Stylist Assistant: Daisy Newman

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