Sunday, 25 March 2012


London was packed with creativity again this season, bright colours, strong prints and cool silhouettes, showing no sign of toning down for the winter months, which I love! Sadly I didn't get chance to see many shows, in person, as I was working on my own (Piers Atkinson, Fred Butler and David Koma) so it was wonderful for me to be able to catch up with everyone at the London Showrooms in Paris and see the collections up close. Here are some of my favourite moments .........

Mary goes from strength to strength and this season I really did wonder how she could possibly top her past collections .........she sure did, with a nod to Fashion Legend Antony Price pushing the boundaries of the silhouette whilst still keeping her signature artistry within the textile of each design.

'Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My' chocolate, honey and caramel, elegant and chic with a strong dose of Atkinson's humour we all love : )

Illustrations for Piers Atkinson AW12 by Rosie Beard

Bold, luxurious, energetic and chic, great concise collection. Really love the accessories.

Childlike, fun, 'sugar and sweet' collection. Wonderfully strange shaped headpieces adorned with beads. Love heart hand muff, playful gloves and cool small bags - a tasty mix of materials and a feast for the eyes!

Fawn, black, gold, chocolate and olive, soft mixed with 'danger'. A real mix of innovative techniques paired with industrial zips and a bold bright citrus orange 'pop'.

Dangerous, fast and powerful whilst still embracing tremendous elegance........ Bold silhouttes with a punch of colour through rich plum, metallic olive, navy and blue. Inspired by the greyhound and depicted onto the heels of the shoes designed by Alain Quilici.

Dark, and luxurious, crystal wrapped in chain, vinyl contouring.

Colour, pattern, print, bold, energetic, knit, rubber print on sheer, contrast, bubble wrap gloves, tall boots and wild headpieces by Nazir Mazhar. One of fav collections and designers in Fashion!

Overflowing pattern, colour, check, unisex, accessories include, hats, gloves, chains, purses, bags, laptop cases. Is there anything KTZ do not do?? Excitably accessible to London through their own 2 stores in London, you have to love this brand. Oh I have to have their blue shoes!!


I first met Holly through her illustrations and still adore the little creatures..... A strong collection spilt into blue and pink, lead by print and supported by embellishment this collection is tight whilst still celebrating Holly's fun, bold and 'pop' aesthetic. Great accessories, mixing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bags.....With so many blue pieces to choose from I was spoilt for choice!

Welcome to the animal kingdom just about to board Noah's arch. Fun, playful yet executed in fine cashmere and luxurious leather.

Thick knits, rich textures, luxurious, chic, quilted leather, tight embroidery and lavish embellishment we LOVE James Long!

Luxury meets danger, beautifully crafted, exceptional detail jewellery. I need one of these rings!

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