Thursday, 29 March 2012


Brilliant, I finally got a second to pop into Dalston Superstore and check out my frame as part of Saskia Wickins 'Creative Frame' exhibition. The private view was held on the 8th March, which I missed........ : ( I love projects like this, born out of love, with such freedom.

A small handful of London creatives were asked to each take a frame and using the concept of 'A view through an open window' provide a unique insight into our work environments. Although quite a scary project, being so personal, this was a lot of fun to work on..... I wanted mine to oozzzeee blue whilst giving an insight into my most recent work/ going ons. The best part is seeing everyones interpretation, together in 1 space. Here are just some of my favourites........

'Like Clockwork' Luke Embden

'Mind Map' Georgia Gendall

' I made them. They made me' Alex Noble

' A blue View' ............... mine : ) Someone stole my 'Fashion and Beauty' who are you???

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