Saturday, 28 September 2013


Recently I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Alex Noble's first solo exhibition "Creatures from the Kaleidoscope" 
curated by Ryan Lanji at the Londonnewcastle Project Space. I have been a fan of Nobel's work for a long time and feel this exhibition finally gave the world the chance to see how talented an artist he really is. Working confidently within such a varied spectrum of mediums makes him  such a valuable part to the London art and fashion scene. London needs more of this!

Service, 2013. Fashion Illustration.

Prada Transformer,2010. Fashion illustration for Womb Magazine 

Motherboard, 2013. acrylic, metallic glid, fiberglass and plaster on medium density fiberboard

Journey Through the Graces II, 2013. pencil and acrylic on medium density fiberboard

Botanist - Fiberglass sculpture with dried flowers 

Tarot Diction, 2013. acrylic, pencil and gloss paint on medium density fiberboard

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