Thursday, 26 September 2013


Eleanor is wearing hat from Beyond Retro (customized by stylist), 
earings by Meadham Kirchhoff, top by Nympha

Here are some of my favorite images shot by Kim Jakobsen To for Vinyl Riot No. 5

Zaina is wearing a shirt and ring by Meadham Kirchhoff, crop top by American Apparel, shorts by KTZ
socks by Athanasia Amvrosiou, shoes by Marques Almeida, bag by Yang Du

Leopold is wearing a jumoer by Bobby Abley, shorts and socks by Topman, shoes by KTZ,
jewellery model's own. Zaina is wearing a crop top by Nympha, shorts by Katie Eary

Leopold is wearing a jacket and jeans by Martine Rose

Kyle is wearing a jacket and shorts by KTZ, skateboard by Katie Eary

Eleanor is wearing a top by KTZ, bra by American Apparel, trousers by Faustine Steinmetz
socks by Happy Socks, shoes by Beyond Retro. Oliver is wearing a jacket and trousers
by Faustine Steinmetz, socks by Head, sandals by Adidas.

Oliver is wearing a hat by Topman, dungarees from One of a Kind
vest by Beyond Retro

Photographer: Kim Jakobsen To
Stylist: Kim Howells
Models: Zaina & Leopold

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