Friday, 11 February 2011


I decided to title Skunk's second tour - HIP HOP TRANSFORMERS. Craig Lawrence made another really cool gold knitted jacket - this time trading the long metallic strips for a super tight, compact knitting to create a larger than life transformer arm. Westwood were kind enough to make Skin a pair of their A/W10 trousers and as these never made production, Skin is the only lucky one to own them!!

Dr Noki made Skin a cool hood with gold metallic print and small slashes all over the hood.

CSM MA graduate Charles Youssef made Skin a selection of really cool stage gear - here is 1 piece - the silver and black top.

The amazing Keko Hainswheeler made Skin this black sequin hood which was worn under most things hiding Skin when she first launched on stage.

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