Friday, 11 February 2011


Skunk Anansie have just left for their European tour and spending last week with them in rehearsals and fittings I thought it might be cool to take a look back at Skin's looks on stage and give a shout out to all those who helped me make our ideas come to life. Thanks gang!!

Amazing New Gen Jewellery designer Fannie Schiavoni made Skin a silver scale body armour top and gloves.
Keko Hainswheeler made Skin the most amazing feather shoulder show piece, that sits on top of the silver scale madness. Skunk begin their set in total silhouette so Skins outline looks amazing!..............I will post pics of this later as I was backstage so could not take any : (

David Koma kindly made Skin this SICK black sheer / matt catsuit with his famous silver zip detail, running down the centre of each leg and adorning the shoulders when the showpieces come off for the rest of the gig........ Thanks David!! Shoes Victor and Rolf.

Keko also made Skin this amazing feather / leather strip wing jacket which actually weighs about the same as Skin. I love these Victor and Rolf teeth soles!!

This jacket is one of Charles Youssef's many pieces he made for Skin. I love his graphic bold lines............check out his MA collection. So Skin.

I work with an amazing pattern cutter, machinist called Michelle Warner who makes a lot of Skins catsuits. I love sourcing fabrics that will be good for stage and am able to work with Michelle closely to make exactly what we want. Having worked for some of the most major fashion houses Michelle's catsuits can withstand Skins crowd surfing and stage antics which is great for me.

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