Sunday, 17 June 2012


Child of the Jago presented their new SS13 collection friday evening at the beautifully suited House of St Barnabas, Soho, hosted by the fabulous Jeanette. Models appeared walking the room in new season's colour palette of navy, chocolate, biscuit and mushroom, paired with few pastel prints and pops of bold red. Pattern was led by the 'Dalston Laundry Bag' which featured as a print on head, neck and pocket scarfs, trimmings, as well as bold all over jackets and shorts, for men and women. 

My favourite pieces from Child of the Jago are always their hats and this new lineup has got me really excited to shoot and buy...... 

Close up of mens shirt layered with two "Dalston Laundry' jackets.

I LOVE the simplicity of this felt cap, I wonder if they will make one for me in blue?

'Dalston Laundry' print scarfs

Close up of female model wearing 'Dalston laundry'  scarf, top, jacket, shorts and bag.

Fred Butler (borrowing my new hat!) with Jordan Bowen (wearing his own hat from new collection). Jordan has just finished assisting Stephen Jones and will launch his first collection soon!

Poser alert! Me and Cass (Skunk Anansie, bass player) wearing our new orders, can't wait to own this hat!