Friday, 8 June 2012


Piers Atkinson, joined here by Andrew Logan,  welcomed guests to his new fabulous Pop-Up Shop at St Martins Lane Hotel last night, followed by an intimate tea and cake afternoon today. You will be able to visit Piers personally at his Pop-Up Shop for the whole month of June, where you can enjoy his debut Ascot collection, archive and bespoke pieces, illustrations and prints by photographers such as Jez Tozer, Morgan White, Thomas Cooksey, Brett lloyd, Ellen Rogers and Thomas Lohr.   The space has been designed by Alun Davies and will be open from Monday - Saturday 11am - 6.30pm and Sunday 12 - 4pm. Everything in store is available to buy.

The wonderful Fred Butler. Fred will be in store all day on the 14th June as 'guest wrapper' for any shoppers out there....... (colourful paper of course) .

Andrew Logan wearing a Piers Atkinson AW12 Top hat holding a cheeky Piers Atkinson / London Undercover umbrella, illustrated by Rosemary Beard

Andrew Logan jewels all available to buy!

Pomp De Franc took cake making to a whole new level again with these colourful, Zandra Rhodes printed bow cakes!

An original Piers Atkinson Illustration 'Snow White'.

Photographer Morgan White exhibits some of his prints from AW11.

Zandra Rhodes teams up with Piers Atkinson for a handful of exclusive printed headpieces.

Hot Voodoo SS12 returns with some very special guests......

Brett Lloyd SS10 poster and Ellen Rogers SS11

SS12 straw fedora

SS12 'Kimberlia Horrificalis' named after me...........nice!

Zandra Rhodes new collaboration piece.

If I were a barbie I would totally be this one!


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