Friday, 4 April 2014


top & bra Diesel, necklaces & bracelet (left arm) Gogo Philp, bracelet (right arm) Annelise Michelson

Here are a few images from my Ella Eyre story, shot by Rankin. Check out Hunger issue 6 for the full story and an interview with Ella. 

top Tinned Bananas, skirt American Apparel, belt Rellik, necklace (top) & bracelet Maria Francesca Pepe, necklace (bottom) & ring Mawi

Photography - Rankin 
Make-up - Kim Kiefer at Frank Agency using Chanel Le Lift and S 2014 
Hair - Kim Kiefer at Frank Agency using Davines
Nails - Ami Streets at LMC Worldwide using Chanel S 2014 and Body Excellence Hand Cream
Set Design - Dominic Chinea 


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