Monday, 28 April 2014


 Photographer Richard Mosse immersed himself in the war-torn eastern region of Democratic Republic of Congo to document his latest body of work 'The Enclave.' An invisible infrared spectrum turned the green landscapes into rich hues of crimson, lavender and pink due to Mosse using a discontinued line of military reconnaissance film initially developed to spot out enemies. 

Along with a small presentation of enlarged prints, a large darkened chamber with eight double sided screens displaying a 40 minute video created an incredibly immersive experience. The viewer was left with a haunting clarity of what is left of a country where 5.4 million people have died of war-related causes since 1998. 

Unfortunately this exhibiton was displayed for a small amount of time at The Vinyl Factory and held it's last day on Saturday. Richard, who is nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Boerse Prize prize has selected prints from the same body of work presented at The Photographers Gallery.

If you happened to miss this deeply moving exhibition and would like to read more about Richard Mosse : The Enclave click here. 

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